Hotel Dufour, Spa and Restaurant - Gressoney

The hotel’s history

Hotel Dufour: tradition and innovation
In the first brochure of the hotel you can read the following: "New building. Sunny location. All modern comforts. Warm and cold running water in all rooms. Bathrooms, showers. Central heating. Open all year long. Renowned cuisine. Special offers for long stays and for groups. Elegant ambience. Radio, records, television. Tavern."

Worthy of mention is also a remark about Gressoney-La-Trinité: "Ideal stay both in summer and in winter. Dry climate. Balsamic air. Wonderful walks. Hikes, climbs".

Hotel Dufour in Gressoney
Tradition and modernity for your winter and summer holidays in Gressoney, for a ski week or for a relaxing stay in the mountains!

The Hotel Dufour in the past

L'Hotel Dufour nel passato in inverno

Today in winter

Today in summer